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  • Tangle-Resistant Coated Taglines


    Tangle-resistant coated taglines

    LHR's tangle-resistant coated taglines are specifically designed to be a safe alternative to traditional rope taglines. Traditional rope taglines can easily become tangled or wrapped around a person's leg or other surrounding object as the crane is lifting the load causing a potentially hazardous condition to personnel and damage to equipment. Traditional rope taglines can also become saturated with liquids and oils making them slippery and reducing grip.


    LHR's tangle-resistant coated taglines are designed to mitigate all of these hazards. The coated end of the tagline provides rigidity preventing entanglement with personnel and other objects while also providing better grip for better control.



    • Hi-visibility vinyl dip coating provides rigidity and grip to the end of the tagline
    •  Double-action steel rebar-style snap-hook allows for quick, one-handed attachment and detachment from load
    • Hi-visibility braided polyester cover protects 5/8" Danline rope and allows for flexibility near hook for easy attachment to load
    •  Every unit comes tagged with model, length and MFG date


     Model# Coating Color  Length
     TLD110  Red  10ft
     TLD115  Orange  15ft
     TLD120  Yellow  20ft
     TLD125  Green  25ft
     TLD130  Blue  30ft
     TLD135  Purple  35ft
     TLD140  White  40ft
     TLD145  Grey  45ft
     TLD150  Brown  50ft