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  • Tethered Tool Kits

    Tethered Tool Kit

    (TTK Series)

    LHR’s Tethered Tool® kit provides 100% tie-off protection for safety at heights. No other system can boast that fact. The tools are tethered with strong, hi-viz nylon lanyards and connect with triple action twist lock gate carabineers to ensure maximum protection and long-lasting performance. All tethers are load tested.

    LHR currently offers the following Tethered Tool Kit configurations for your convenience - 13, 16 and 18 piece mixed sets and a sledge hammer only set:






    TT875BW - Box Wrench 7/8" x 3/4"

     1 1  -

    TT1BW - Box Wrench 1" x 15/16"

     1  -

    TT125BW - Box Wrench 1-1/8" x 1-1/16"

    1  -

    TT3125BW - Box Wrench 1-5/16" x 1-1/4"

     1  1  -

    TT437575BW - Box Wrench Set 6pc

     1 1  -

    TT15CW - Crescent Wrench 15"

    1  -

    TT24APW - Pipe Wrench Aluminum 24"


    TT7CJLP - Locking Plier Curved Jaw 7"

    TTFHPH - Screwdriver Set 2pc


    TT28PB - Pry Bar 28"

    1 1 1 -

    TTGG - Grease Gun Pistol Grip Style

    - 1 1 -

    TTC2276D - Strapping Tape 1/4" x 100'

    - 1 1 -

    TT4LBSH - Sledge Hammer 4lb 

    - - - 1

    TT6LBSH - Sledge Hammer 6lb 

    1 1 2 1

    TT8LBSH - Sledge Hammer 8lb 

    - - - 1

    TT10LBSH - Sledge Hammer 10lb 

    - 1 2 1

    TT12LBSH - Sledge Hammer 12lb 

    - - - 1

    TT14LBSH - Sledge Hammer 14lb

    - - - 1

    TTPPS - Lifting Sling for 5 gallon pail

    1 1 1 -

    TTDHLAN - Double Hook Hoisting Lanyard

    1 1 1 1

    TTBOX - Storage Box

    1 1 1 1

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  • Tetherable Tool Rig Kit

    Tetherable Tool Rig Kit

    (TTS Series)

    The LHR TetheredIt™ Tethered Tool Rig Kit consists of over 180 tools and accessories. It's literally the latest tool in the arsenal to fight against dropped objects. Our high-quality tool kit was developed specifically for the demanding work environment of the oil and gas industry. Weather working-at-heights to guard against dropped objects or on the ground, LHR's Tool Rig Kit gives you the durability and flexibility you need to get the job done. All of the tools are manufactured to perform in the toughest standards with strong tether points on each tool that can be attach the variety of hi-viz nylon lanyards we provide to ensure maximum protection. 

    Each system includes an organized, secure, seven-drawer rolling commercial-grade toolbox for easy inventory management. The systems also includes custom foam inserts with laser etched part numbers to match tool part number.

    Tools included in the TTRK:

     Hammers Pliers 
     Pry Bars Punches 
     Screwdrivers Sockets 
     Strapping Tape  Trade Tools
     Wrenches Tetheres 

    Tether Options

     The LHR TetheredIt Tool Rig Kit comes with three different types of tethering lanyards to match your operator’s needs. The TTS-L2 double-leg tether provides 100% tie-off while the TTS-L1 single-leg tether can be used when you are not changing the tool’s anchor point. These lanyards are rated for 30lbs. Also included is the Tool Spider designed for smaller tools and is easy loop enables you to choke it around a non-rig kit tool and is rated for 15lbs.

    Tool Bag Provides On-Person Anchor Point

    A tool bag is included with each TetheredIt Rig Kit. The bag employs both a shoulder and waist strap with quick connect buckles for added security. Inside the bag is a loop system for easy tie-off, ensuring secure transport of the tools, and storage of the tools when not in use.

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